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Doc of the Day: One Bright Shining Moment

Doc of the Day: One Bright Shining Moment

George McGovern died yesterday. Here’s why you should mourn him.


Doc of the Day: The Atomic Cafe

Tales from the nuclear age. Dir. Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty, & Pierce Rafferty, 1982, 86 min, Viewed via Hulu

Doc of the Day: The Woman with the 5 Elephants

Listen to what Svetlana Geier has to say about her life. You’ll be glad you did. Dir. Vadim Jendreyko, 2010, 96 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: If You Love This Planet

Helen Caldicott is here to tell you how you aren’t scared enough of nuclear war. Dir. Terre Nash, 1982, 25 min

Doc of the Day: The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair

He didn’t actually plan to kill Tony Blair. But he got thrown into Abu Ghraib for it, anyway. Dir. Michael Tucker & Petra Epperlein, 2007, 72 min

Doc of the Day: Constantine’s Sword

An ex-priest explores the Christian roots of anti-semitism and finds a troubling vein in the new Evangelicalism. Dir. Oren Jacoby, 2007, 93 min

Doc of the Day: The Way We Get By

In observance of Memorial Day, meet people who make it their mission to make veterans feel appreciated. Dir. Aron Gaudet, 2009, 84 min