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Doc of the Day: The Sweatbox

Go behind the scenes of The Emperor’s New Groove. It was once a very different film. Dir. Trudie Styler, 2002, 85 min, Viewed via Vimeo Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Strictly Background

You see them without seeing them in every movie and TV show ever made. These are their stories. Dir. Jason Connell, 2007, 84 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: Lost in La Mancha

Witness Terry Gilliam’s ill-fated attempt to make a movie out of Don Quixote. The symbolism practically writes itself. Dir. Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe, 2002, 93 min

Doc of the Day: I Am Comic

A survey of the world of stand-up comedy, through the eyes of a veteran returning to the stage. Dir. Jordan Brady, 2010, 87 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: American Grindhouse

 The seedy underside of American film has never looked so… well, seedy. Dir. Elijah Drenner, 2010, 81 min

Doc of the Day: Something’s Gonna Live

These six artists helped make most of your favorite movies, but you probably have no idea who they are. Dir. Daniel Raim, 2010, 78 min

Doc of the Day: The Life of Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly’s one-man show about his life comes to the screen. Dir. Frank L. Anderson & Barry Poltermann, 2007, 84 min