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Doc of the Day: Arrotino

An old man stubbornly continues to peddle his trade. Dir. Alex Healey, 2008, 4 min, Viewed via MUBI Advertisements

Doc of the Day: The Ossuary

Why not visit the Sedlec Ossuary? It’s cool and not at all horrifying! Dir. Jan Svankmajer, 1970, 10 min, Viewed via MUBI

Doc of the Day: Team Spirit

Some people love sports so much that they want to take it beyond the grave. Dir. Errol Morris, 2012, 8 min, Viewed on YouTube

Doc of the Day: Message From Red Hook

A brief meditation on urban decay and youth in crisis. Dir. Kat Keene Hogue, 2010, 2 min, Viewed via SnagFilms

Doc of the Day: Breathing Lessons

The life and work of Mark O’Brien, disabled poet and journalist. Dir. Jessica Yu, 1996, 35 min

Doc of the Day: If You Love This Planet

Helen Caldicott is here to tell you how you aren’t scared enough of nuclear war. Dir. Terre Nash, 1982, 25 min

Doc of the Day: American Juggalo

It’s… it’s a movie about juggalos. The first thing that comes to mind? Yeah, it’s like that. Dir. Sean Dunne, 2011, 23 min