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Doc of the Day: Arguing the World

Four old Jewish guys yammer about politics. Fun for the whole family! Dir. Joseph Dorman, 1998, 106 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Fame High

I reviewed Fame High, so stroll on over to Current Movie Reviews and read about it!

Doc of the Day: Nursery University

If your kids don’t get into a good preschool, then how will they EVER get into a good college?! Dir. Marc Simon & Matthew Makar, 2009, 90 min

Doc of the Yesterday: Whatever It Takes

Follow the first year of an experimental high school in the South Bronx. Dir. Christopher Wong, 2009, 53 min

Doc of the Day: To Be and to Have

Just one teacher serves a tiny town in rural France. Find out how he does his job. Dir. Nicholas Philibert, 2002, 104 min

Doc of the Day: American Teacher

Teachers can’t get no respect. This film tries to rectify that, just a little. Dir. Vanessa Roth, 2011, 82 min

Doc of the Day: Paper Clips

The description is basically right under this on the poster. Lesson, prejudice, something greater, etc. Dir. Joe Fab, 2004, 84 min