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Doc of the Day: The Invisible War

 Kirby Dick uncovers a truly awful trend in the armed forces, a conspiracy of forced silence. Dir. Kirby Dick, 2012, 97 min Advertisements

Doc of the Day: The Way We Get By

In observance of Memorial Day, meet people who make it their mission to make veterans feel appreciated. Dir. Aron Gaudet, 2009, 84 min

Doc of the Day: Radio Bikini

 We dropped the first bombs in 1945. A year later, we did it again, just for the hell of it. Dir. Robert Stone, 1988, 56 min

Doc of the Day: Semper Fi: Always Faithful

 The military poisoned them. So they fought back. Dir. Tony Hardmon & Rachel Libert, 2011, 75 min

Doc of the Day: Gunner Palace

In the earlier days of the Iraq War, one battalion headquartered themselves in one of Saddam’s pleasure palaces. These are their stories. Dir. Petra Epperlain & Michael Tucker, 2005, 87 min

Doc of the Day: Hell and Back Again

Just in time for its Oscar nomination, I review this look at one soldier as he goes to war and tries to bring all of himself back home. Dir. Danfung Dennis, 2011, 88 min

Doc of the Day: Where Soldiers Come From

Dir. Heather Courtney, 2011, 82 min