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Doc of the Day: Sacco and Vanzetti

Learn about one of the most infamously unjust trials of the 20th Century. Dir. Peter Miller, 2007, 80 min Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Semper Fi: Always Faithful

 The military poisoned them. So they fought back. Dir. Tony Hardmon & Rachel Libert, 2011, 75 min

Doc of the Day: Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

Errol Morris follows the strange twists and turns of execution technician Fred Leuchter’s life, as he goes from respected to reviled. Dir. Errol Morris, 1999, 91 min

Doc of the Day: Brother’s Keeper

Big city and small town sensibilities collide when a man dies, and his brother is suspected of killing him. Dir. Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky, 1992, 104 min

Doc of the Day: Bananas!*

Nicaraguan farmers take on the corporation that sterilized them. Not to be confused with the similarly-named film by Woody Allen. Day Three of Food Week. Dir. Fredrik Gertten, 2009, 87 min