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Doc of the Day: The Barber of Birmingham

See the civil rights movement through the eyes of one of its foot soldiers.

Doc of the Day: Trumbo

Doc of the Day: Trumbo

The story of a writer who, much like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, refused to back down.

Doc of the Day: One Bright Shining Moment

Doc of the Day: One Bright Shining Moment

George McGovern died yesterday. Here’s why you should mourn him.

Doc of the Day: The Killing of America

A history of violence in the good ol’ US of A. Dir. Leonard Schrader & Sheldon Renan, 1982, 90 min, Viewed via YouTube

Doc of the Day: The Atomic Cafe

Tales from the nuclear age. Dir. Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty, & Pierce Rafferty, 1982, 86 min, Viewed via Hulu

Doc of the Day: The Ossuary

Why not visit the Sedlec Ossuary? It’s cool and not at all horrifying! Dir. Jan Svankmajer, 1970, 10 min, Viewed via MUBI

Doc of the Day: With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

He co-created most of your favorite superheroes. Learn about the man who shows up in all the Marvel movies. Dir. Terry Douglas, Nikki Frakes, & William Lawrence Hess, 2011, 80 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant