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Doc of the Day: The Trials of Henry Kissinger

“Hullo, my name iz Dr. Henry Kissinger, und zis… is my magic murder bag.” Dir. Eugene Jarecki, 2002, 79 min Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Deafening Silence

A trippy odyssey through the landscapes and people of Burma. Dir. Holly Fisher, 2012, 118 min

Doc of the Day: Kony 2012

In which I take on the latest viral sensation. Look before you leap on this bandwagon. Dir. Jason Russell, 2012, 30 min

Doc of the Day: 500 Years Later

Be warned: this movie does not seek to make you feel good about the global situation with race in any way, shape, or form. Day Four of Black History Week. Dir. Owen ‘Alik Shahadah, 2005, 108 min

Doc of the Day: Steal a Pencil for Me

Meet Jack and Ina. Their’s is a love story that occurred in the least likely of places: a concentration camp. Dir. Michele Ohayon, 2007, 94 min

Doc of the Day: War Dance

Young people scarred by war find hope through music. Everyone loves Africans who inspire! I also talk about immersion in films and “dishonesty” in documentaries. Dir. Sean Fine & Andrea Nix Fine, 2007, 106 min

Doc of the Day: Night and Fog

One of the earliest Holocaust films grants an unspoilt look at period viewpoints of the tragedy. Dir. Alain Resnais, 1955, 31 min