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Doc of the Day: This is What Love in Action Looks Like

Adults trying to change their sexuality via “therapy” is one thing. Adults forcing such “therapy” on their children is something else entirely… Dir. Morgan Jon Fox, 2011, 74 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant Advertisements

Doc of the Day and More: Death by China, etc.

My Doc of the Day is again at a different site: go and read about Death by China at Picktainment. But that’s not all! I also reviewed Beloved, Robot & Frank, and Compliance, and I interviewed the spectacular Marjane Satrapi, director of Chicken with Plums (my review of which is forthcoming), and I wrote about what the cast […]

Doc of the Day: A Perfect Candidate

Who says selling arms to Iran and funding Nicaraguan terrorists should prevent you from being a senator? Dir. R.J. Cutler & David Van Taylor, 1996, 106 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: Kumaré

He wanted to expose the folly of faith by becoming a fake guru. Instead he learned a few things about spirituality. Dir. Vikram Gandhi, 2012, 84 min, Viewed in the Theater

Doc of the Day: The Yes Men Fix the World

It’s two merry pranksters versus every corporation on Earth. The corporations don’t stand a chance. Dir. Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, & Kurt Engfehr, 2009, 87 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: Holy Rollers

 They were a cutting-edge group of card counters. They were also all devout Christians. So how does that work, exactly? Dir. Bryan Storkel, 2011, 90 min

Doc of the Day: Better This World

 They came to protest. Their friend convinced them to do more. Then they were arrested. And then things got complicated. Dir. Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega, 2011, 88 min