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Doc of the Day: I Like Killing Flies

The work and food of a cantankerous restaurant man in New York City. Dir. Matt Mahurin, 2004, 78 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Kings of Pastry

It’s a cooking competition too awesome to show up on Bravo. Dir. Chris Hegedus & D.A. Pennebaker, 2010, 84 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: How to Cook Your Life

 Did you know there’s such a thing as a “zen chef?” Well there is! And you learn all about one in this movie! Dir. Doris Dorrie, 2007, 93 min

Doc of the Day: Vegucated

 Three average people go on a six week vegan diet. What will they learn? What will you learn? Dir. Marisa Miller Wolfson, 2011, 76 min

Doc of the Day: El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

Watch as the chefs of one of the world’s most famous restaurants concoct new dishes for their upcoming season. Dir. Gereon Wetzel, 2011, 113 min