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Doc of the Day: With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

He co-created most of your favorite superheroes. Learn about the man who shows up in all the Marvel movies. Dir. Terry Douglas, Nikki Frakes, & William Lawrence Hess, 2011, 80 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods

A portrait of the artist as a young chaos magician. Dir. Patrick Meaney, 2010, 79 min, Viewed via Hulu

Doc of the Day: The Mindscape of Alan Moore

Admit it; you’ve always wanted to live inside Alan Moore’s head, if only for a bit. You just didn’t know it until now. Dir. DeZ Vylenz (yes, really), 2003, 79 min

Doc of the Day: Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

Go inside the world’s greatest gathering of nerds, and get to know some of them. Dir Morgan Spurlock, 2012, 88 min

Doc of the Day: Comic Book Confidential

Hey kids, did you know that there are many kinds of comics out there besides superhero stories? It’s true! This movie will tell you all about it! Dir. Ron Mann, 1988, 85 min