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Doc of the Day: Love Free or Die

The trials and tribulations of the first openly gay bishop.


Doc of the Day: The Barber of Birmingham

See the civil rights movement through the eyes of one of its foot soldiers.

Doc of the Day: Trumbo

Doc of the Day: Trumbo

The story of a writer who, much like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, refused to back down.

Doc of the Day: Black Panthers

Dir. Agnes Varda, 1968, 28 min, Viewed via MUBI

Doc of the Day: Renée

She was the first women’s tennis player who was born a man. This is her story. Dir. Eric Drath, 2011, 79 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant

Doc of the Day: Please Remove Your Shoes

So has the TSA really made us safer? No. If you need a whole movie to prove that point, you’re in luck! Dir Rob DelGuadio, 2010, 90 min

Doc of the Day: Better This World

 They came to protest. Their friend convinced them to do more. Then they were arrested. And then things got complicated. Dir. Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega, 2011, 88 min