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Doc of the Day: El Velador

Doc of the Day: El Velador

See the cost of the Drug War through the eyes of a man who works where the bodies end up.


Doc of the Day: The Charcoal People

 Impoverished workers live on the edge in Brazil to make stuff that we use. Peek inside their world. Dir. Nigel Noble, 2001, 70 min

Doc of the Day: The Listening Project

A film crew traveled the world asking non-Americans what they think of us. These are their answers. Dir. Dominic Howes & Joel Weber, 2008, 78 min

Doc of the Day: Marley

The life and times of the god of reggae. Dir. Kevin MacDonald, 2012, 144 min

Doc of the Day: Sicko

 Michael Moore takes on the American healthcare system. It’s not pretty. Dir. Michael Moore, 2007, 123 min

Doc of the Day: Beyond the Gates of Splendor

 It was a missionary expedition that went badly… and then oddly right. Dir. Jim Hanon, 2004, 96 min

Doc of the Day: Bomb It

A survey of street art around the world. Dir. Jon Reiss, 2008, 93 min