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Doc of the Day: Searching for Sugar Man

He was a nobody here, but he was a superstar in another place… and never knew it. Dir. Malik Bendjelloul, 2012, 86 min, Seen in the Theater Advertisements

Doc of the Day: Mansome

More and more men are becoming more concerned with how they look. What does this mean? Dir. Morgan Spurlock, 2012, 83 min

Doc of the Day: Scott Walker: 30th Century Man

 Look at the work and workings of one of music’s most reclusive artists. Dir. Stephen Kijak, 2007, 95 min

Doc of the Day: The Life of Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly’s one-man show about his life comes to the screen. Dir. Frank L. Anderson & Barry Poltermann, 2007, 84 min

Doc of the Day: Almost Elvis

Despite what the title and poster would have you believe, this film actually isn’t about Elvis impersonators at all. Kidding. Of course it is. Dir. John Paget, 2001, 66 min

Doc of the Day: Heckler

For too long, our entertainers have been heckled and criticized. Now, they fight back!  Dir. Michael Addis, 2008, 79 min

Doc of the Day: I Think We’re Alone Now

Meet Jeff and Kelly. They are very unusual people, with a shared, unusual, obsessive love. Don’t be so quick to scorn them. Dir. Sean Donnelly, 2008, 64 min