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Doc of the Day: American: The Bill Hicks Story

The life and times of a comic who went too soon. Dir. Matt Harlock & Paul Thomas, 2010, 102 min, Viewed via Netflix Instant Advertisements

Doc of the Day: The Sweatbox

Go behind the scenes of The Emperor’s New Groove. It was once a very different film. Dir. Trudie Styler, 2002, 85 min, Viewed via Vimeo

Normal Movie Review: The Secret World of Arrietty

The latest film from the much-beloved Studio Ghibli adapts a classic children’s novel to bring a world in miniature to life.

Doc of the Day: The Pixar Story

It’s the company that changed the face of animation the world over. Odds are that you like their movies. Find out where Pixar came from. Dir. Leslie Iwerks, 2007, 87 min

Normal Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 3D

I take on a “real” movie for a change of pace. I have beef with Disney’s beloved classic.