New Stuff Through Last Week

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The Most Massive Update Ever

The Most Massive Update Ever

*Blows dust off the blog* I suppose that, in the annals of blogdom, there have been far worse hiatuses than two weeks and change. That being said, I was hoping to go for a year straight with this project, so I’m a little let down with myself. Then again, the whole point of doing this […]

News of all Sorts

So I realized something watching 28 Up today: all of the Up movies are kind of the same, and what applies to one applies to all of them. So I’m going to do something different this week. Rather than review each film individually, I’m going to watch one each day, and then review all of them in one […]

I’m at Silverdocs!

I’m at the Silverdocs Documentary Film Festival this week, so things will be going a little differently. I won’t be doing regular Docs of the Day. Instead, you’ll have to come on over to to read my reviews of the movies I see. This is going to be FUN!

Opining: Don’t Call Me a Liberal

In which I ramble on about semantics and labels.

Opining: I Have No Idea what to Think of the ONCE Play

The little musical that could has been turned into a Broadway show.