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New Stuff Through Last Week

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The Most Massive Update Ever

The Most Massive Update Ever

*Blows dust off the blog* I suppose that, in the annals of blogdom, there have been far worse hiatuses than two weeks and change. That being said, I was hoping to go for a year straight with this project, so I’m a little let down with myself. Then again, the whole point of doing this […]


Oh man, I haven’t updated my work that I’ve been doing at other sites in a while. Okay, here’s what’s gone up since last time: At ScreenPicks (formerly Picktainment): The Possession review Y.K. Kim interview Miami Connection review The Ambassador review The Words review An editorial about the rules change for the Best Original Song Oscar Sleepwalk with Me review […]

Various Things: ParaNorman, Hermano, and Movie Robots

New reviews are up. At Picktainment, a review of Hermano and a list of famous movie robots. And at Clearance Bin Review, a piece about ParaNorman. Have at them!

News of all Sorts

So I realized something watching 28 Up today: all of the Up movies are kind of the same, and what applies to one applies to all of them. So I’m going to do something different this week. Rather than review each film individually, I’m going to watch one each day, and then review all of them in one […]

Doc of the Day and More: Death by China, etc.

My Doc of the Day is again at a different site: go and read about Death by China at Picktainment. But that’s not all! I also reviewed Beloved, Robot & Frank, and Compliance, and I interviewed the spectacular Marjane Satrapi, director of Chicken with Plums (my review of which is forthcoming), and I wrote about what the cast […]

More Stuff I’ve Written: Tokyo Story and La Source

Two more reviews from other spots in the web. First, I reviewed La Source at Current Movie Reviews. Then, I caught up with Tokyo Story at Clearance Bin Review. Give ’em the reads!