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New Stuff Through Last Week

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Various Things: ParaNorman, Hermano, and Movie Robots

New reviews are up. At Picktainment, a review of Hermano and a list of famous movie robots. And at Clearance Bin Review, a piece about ParaNorman. Have at them!

Various Sundry things at Picktainment: Scary Docs, Batman, Cons, The Queen of Versailles, 30 Beats, Sacrifice, and Klown

Urgghgh, I haven’t updated with my stuff from Picktainment in a while. Okay: First, I made a list of five documentaries that are scarier than any horror movie. Next, I wrote a retrospective of Batman on film. You like Batman, don’t you? Of course you do. After that, I talked about the rise of Cons […]

At Picktainment: End of the World Movies

There’s a movie coming out soon called Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and in observation, I wrote about ten movies that end the world. Go read it!

At Picktainment: 10 Incredibly Sad Documentaries

I’m writing for another website! Take a visit to Picktainment sometime; they do good stuff. My first article is a list, all about depressing docs of recent years. Take a look!

My Favorite “Normal” Movies of 2011

‘Twas a pretty good year.

2011 in Review: The Year in Documentaries

Year’s end is a time for list-making, so I might as well get in on the action. Here are my picks for the best, worst, and other assorted documentaries of 2011. Happy New Year, everybody!