About Me


Dan Schindel was born and raised in rural Maryland. At some point, he fell in love with movies. At a later point, he decided he wanted to be a film critic, for God only knows what reason. After getting a GED at 16, graduating community college at 17, and getting a Bachelor’s at 20, he realized that none of that meant much without experience in something useful. Turns out that English minors don’t much impress people paying money. Regardless, he moved to Los Angeles, because it’s the movie capitol of the world. He started this blog to get more experience writing about movies. He chose to focus it on documentaries because no one gives them the attention they deserve. In addition, he writes for numerous publications, including Picktainment, Clearance Bin Review, We Are Movie Geeks, CinemaFunk, and Current Movie Reviews. Someday this’ll all pay off. Well, either that or he’ll end up a drug-addled wreck in the gutter. You know, whichever comes first.

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